Sunday, August 22, 2010


We are Newburgh, NY and slowly drying out. Last night was pretty wild and rocky. We are tied up on an outer wall, the only space long enough at the Riverfront Marina. It is a nice place, has four restaurants, laundry, and clean bathrooms.

We arrived here with Jill and Matt from Hyde Park. After we tied up, we took a cab over to Beacon, NY, across the river from Newburgh. Jill and Matt took us to a very nice restaurant that they had visited before. After lunch, the three of them went shopping and I found the Newburgh library. Got to read the latest copies of USA today, Wall Street Journal, and the last two copies of Business Week.

It is raining today so we are delaying our trip to Haverstraw by one day. Several boaters here decided to return to Haverstraw in the pouring rain, mostly because

The greatest aspect of being retired as far as I feel, is the ability not to be driven by a schedule. So Joy and I are relaxing today and going to a movie this afternoon, wash some clothes when we get back and play some games with Jill and Matt. They left on their own to go over to the Art Museum in Newburgh.

Here are some pictures that Jill and Matt took on the ride down to Newburgh.


PS I have included a picture of Erin and Adam, Jen and Mark's children. Picture credit goes to Joyce Stonebraker

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