Monday, July 26, 2010



You know that say the everything in life kind of evens out. Well today was a day of adventures and misadventures.

Let's talk about the adventures first. After a great dinner last night and a very good nights sleep in Dunkirk, due to the cool night breeze, we set off for Buffalo.
The wind was in the right direction and we were able to make good time sailing so we did not have to run the motor that much.

Joy loves to sail where the wind is taking her, not always in the straight line direction that we need to go to, but that is okay. Also a good adventure was our first transit of a lock on the Canal System, the Black Rock Lock run by the Army Corp of Engineers. It is only an 8 foot drop and takes about 20 minutes. We no problems.

Let's talk about misadventures. Today we lost a cushion, it fell over the side when we had to jybe turn as we needed to move back on course to enter the Buffalo harbor.

Then we got to Rich Marina and then wanted us to park in a very small place. After it was all over, the damage was as follows: took out 2 2x4 wooden posts, knocked over our grill on the back, also punctured the dinghy but did not happen. Got out of this very tight spot, went our of the marina and tried to park on the wall but the front anchor hit a metal post while barely moving but broke the anchor holder.

Pictures of all today's activities are posted.

Moral of for today: Reverse OJ glove phrase: If it doesn't fit, don't try it.

Joy needed a stiff drink so they told us go to Harry's Bar behind the apartment buildings next to the marina. We finally got there, sat down and tried to decide what to order in a place where the steak was listed at $54 per person. Ended up having one glass of wine, one tonic water, one bowl of chowder, and one order of cooked mushrooms. Total bill including tip was $29.00. Turns out Harry's Bar is really Harry's Place and one of the most expensive restaurants in Buffalo.

After the drinks and dinner (leftovers from Dunkirk) we spent the evening taking down the sails, mainsail jammed for a while, taking off the boom and boom vang. Boom vang is a device that goes down from the boom to the bottom of the mast. It supplies stability to the boom moving up or down too much, kind of like a brake.

Now is is 10:30 and we have more stuff to do before they take down the mast, but it will have to wait until tomorrow.


ps A couple we helped out the other day called to tell us what had happened to them. At their last fuel stop, the person put gasoline into a diesel boat. Had to flush out the whole system.

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