Friday, July 30, 2010

Gayle & Don Visit Medina, NY

Gayle and Don came to visit us this afternoon for lunch. They were on the way to visit Don's sister, Ann and her husband Dave Pierce. Ann and Dave live north of Albany in Ballston Lake and in fact have consented to be our next mail drop. We should be seeing them in about 10 days.

We spent the day working on projects before G&D arrived. Pulled out the old sump pump out of the forward head. Unfortunately, we need two hose connectors, not available here in Medina, and a new fuse rated for 3 amps. West Marine here we come again. Also tightened the hoses for the water heater, checked the oil, and checked the coolant level. Still frustrated by the shore power charging system as it gives me mixed messages on the amount of actual charging it is doing.

After G&D left, we walked over to the Railroad Museum where they have a very large, I mean large, 201 ft by 14 ft working HO scale model train set that can have up to 8 trains running on the two main lines. Very interesting. You start at the beginning which is the history of this part of the country around 1825 and move forward in time with very elaborate scale models of towns, working railroads, boats, people, etc all to HO scale. The museum was started by one individual and sprang out of his hobby. In fact he got so serious he sold his house and bought this old freight warehouse from NY Central Railroad and lives upstairs with his wife. They have the longest ranch house, 301 feet long.

Tonight we are supposed to have a DJ, car show, and food here at Canal Park. However it is 6:02 pm and nobody has shown up. So we will probably walk up the hill to the downtown section, about 100 feet and go to this Italian restaurant.

Tomorrow it is off to Holley or Brockport, NY


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