Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canal Adventure Starts Today!

Well, we have arrived at the start of the NY Canal system, this part know as the Erie Canal.

The Erie Canal opened up the Midwest to Americans on the Atlantic Coast in the early 1800s.

It helped NYC become the largest seaport in the country and helped Americans move west.

Enough history.

Two pictures today are High Spirits without her mast and rigging, and then the view across the Canal looking at the Townawanda side. We are docked on the north side of the Canal in North
Tonawanda. Parked here because these docks had shore power.

This morning was dedicated to taking the mast and rigging off. Took 3.5 hours as the radar system was hard to remove. However, we finally got it off and they pulled the mast. Notice how the dinghy is now on the front of the boat upside down.

Steve and Linda Franko will be our first guests, arriving tonight about 11 pm after a flight back from California. They will stay for a day and then head up to catch their boat, Yesterday's Dream which I believe is in the North Channel up in Canada.

There is a concert here tomorrow night so we will be leaving on Thursday. Not sure how far we can get in one day, all depends on the number of locks that you need to transit that day.


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