Saturday, July 24, 2010



Well the weather forecast called for thunderstorms over the lake today, so we did not travel to Dunkirk, NY. Instead we pulled up anchor out of Presque State Park and motored over to the Erie Yacht Club where our East Light Membership for $50 got us a free night. In this week we will have saved almost $180 by joining East Light.

So I posted several pictures of Erie Yacht Club and a great sunset plus a red contrail that I hope you can detect. One of the dock crew is firing off a shotgun shell which they do every night at sunset. The trouble with digital cameras as the time lag is much greater than with a film camera, hard to anticipate the exact moment of firing.

The last two nights made Joy very nervous about anchoring. The storm on Thursday kept her up most of the night worrying about our anchor dragging. Two of the five boats at the State Park marina pulled loose and one guy had to go across the pond and re anchor. Our anchor held nicely, but Joy was worried. Friday night brought another thunderstorm and intense lighting, but the wind was not as bad so the boats did not move or rock as much as on Thursday.

Tonight we are at the guest dock at Erie and nicely positioned. There are some big boats here including a motor yacht that is about 100 feet long. It is called Scot Free.

Tomorrow the weather should be fine and we will be off to Dunkirk. Still planning on taking the mast off on Tuesday, and having the Franko's stay overnight on the boat on Tuesday and spend the day with them on Wednesday.


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