Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi Everyone

Well we are finally ready to go, or at least 98% ready. Today our boat mechanic was supposed to come and show us some simple repair/maintenance items but he never showed up. We called his office but he was out saving a boat that was sinking.
Guess, they needed his help more than we did.

So John from the boat yard is coming tomorrow to get us ready. Also tomorrow is the Cleveland Tall Ship Parade, hope to have some good pictures to post. We plan a short trip to the islands in the western part of Lake Erie for a week to get our feet wet and visit them. The three places, Kelly Island, Put in Bay and Vermilion are all great places to visit, and yet all completed different.

Put in Bay is the noisy bar crowd, Vermilion is the town where everything is a five minute walk and Kellys Island is like visiting part of America from the 50's except there is great Mexican food just feet from the marina. Growing up in the Midwest in Cleveland, Ohio, we did not have any Mexican food near our house. My parents were meat and potatoes.

So we are getting ready to push off. The rigging job has been completed, and we are off in two days. It has been extremely hot, 90 degrees plus the last two days and was over 80 last night and we have no air conditioning on High Spirits.


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