Friday, July 23, 2010


Last night was the first time we anchored High Spirits. We are in the State Park Marina in Presque Island, PA. It is a very sheltered cove.

So we anchored late in the afternoon after arriving from Ashtabula. The first time the anchor did not stick, but it did the second time.

Then in the middle of night, large thunderstorms started rolling in and the boat did start a rocking. In fact two boats near us had their anchors pull out and they started drifting. Joy was up a lot during the night and so was I.

We had our anchor alarm set. It would go off when we swung too much as the wind shifted. Finally we set it for 200 feet and it did not go off.

We most likely will be here until Sunday as more thunderstorms are forecasted for Sat. Our mast is scheduled for Tuesday in Buffalo so we still have an extra day built in the schedule to get there by Tuesday. We will go to Dunkirk, NY say overnight and then on to Buffalo.

It appears that 45 miles is about the most we can do in a day travelling at 6 knots.
My butt gets to sore and I need to walk around.

More later


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