Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brockport, NY

Hello Everybody

We are in Brockport, NY. Arrived here this afternoon. This is a Victorian Village in the heart of NY State. Lots of small shops. Joy went to an art fair at the college after we got her bike repaired.
She got a flat rear tire while riding in Medina, NY yesterday.

This section of the canal is very rural and agricultural. According to everybody this section is the best part of the Canal. As you go east it gets more into swamp land and lot of bugs.

Got a good picture of a blue heron walking along the Canal path as well as a waterfall in Holly, NY where we stopped this afternoon just to take a walk and a break from motoring. We only do 6 knots in the Canal, the speed limit is 10 but 6 is all High Spirits can do without straining the engine.

I changed the oil today, took about 30 minutes. We still need to work on the port side chain plates, pull them out and rebed them with new caulking material. That is our major project on the Canal. The other issue to have the shore power battery charger tested in Brewerton, NY where there is a boat yard that is a Volvo dealer.

Tomorrow we are off to Spencerport, NY on the way to Fairport Harbor which is considered one of the best places on the Canal. Hope to hook up with Nick and Sue Buehler in Fairport Harbor on Tuesday.

Hope everybody is enjoying my thoughts on this trip. We have met many people who share lots of good information about sailing to Florida/Bahamas.


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  1. Hi guys,
    Enjoying reading your posts and seeing the photos.

    Tomorrow is World BF Day at the Zoo. I'm NOLA treasurer so I have to be there by 9 am! :(