Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vermilion, Ohio

We came over to Vermilion on Tuesday morning, had to run the motor the entire time as the wind was right on the nose of the boat. We spent time with Jim from Great Lakes Diesel after we arrived. He did some minor repairs, showed us how to change the fuel filters, bleed out the air from the fuel system. He is coming to Cleveland on Saturday to complete some minor repairs to the cooling system.

Vermilion is a great town to visit. We stay at the Water Works docks right in the middle of the Historical Downtown section of town. Everything is within walking distance. This is about our 8th visit to Vermilion by boat.

Tonight we had diner with Liz and Eric Maseth. Went for a ride on their speedboat. By the way, the picture of the wake is not High Spirits, it is their boat. We were travelling about 6 times faster than we can. An interesting ride if you like speed.

Tomorrow it is back to Cleveland for a couple of days of boat work and then leaving on Monday for Buffalo


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