Sunday, July 11, 2010



After church at St Michael's on Kelleys Island we left for South Bass Island, which has on it the resort village of Put n Bay and the Perry Peace Memorial. St. Michaels is a very small church but it was full.

Uneventful trip over to South Bass Island, the navigation system seems to work properly and we are still finding new aspects of it daily.

We are on a mooring in the middle of the Harbor. A mooring is simply a chain attached to a large concrete block sitting on the bottom of the harbor. Much cheaper than docking, in fact it will cost us only $30/night plus tips for the water taxi kids. Went to the supermarket, all island prices are high. One place sells M&Ms for $1.75, which back in Cleveland cost about $.99 max.

We got a $5 coupon for drinks for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to Middle Bass Island for the first time. The water taxi company has a special deal which includes money for lunch and free bike rental.

Here are some pictures of the view from the boat in the harbor including Perry's Peace Memorial


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