Monday, July 12, 2010

Middle Bass Island

Today we took advantage of a special offer from the Boardwalk Restaurant to go over to Middle Bass Island. They threw in a free bike rental and $5 food coupon for each of us. We wanted to check out the new State Park Boat Marina that several people had mentioned previously at Kelleys Island.

The boat marina is brand new, in fact so new that there is absolutely no shade at all. It is basically a corn field with boats floating in it. Looks super hot. There are temporary buildings for showers, etc, but no running water at the docks as the EPA will not give the State of Ohio permission to provide water to the boaters at this time.
The picture is of Lonz Winery, which the State of Ohio bought to create this new State park on Middle Bass. You may recall that Lonz is where a bunch of people were injured when a deck collapsed from too many people on it a few years ago.

It was a nice visit but glad we only went for 2.5 hours.

Came back to South Bass where Put n Bay is located. Joy went for a kayak trip around the bay while I went over to the Perry monument and talked to one of the park rangers for about 30 minutes. Very interesting young man. Likes to teach but not in a four wall classroom.

Going to hear an all women country band tonight at the Beer Barrel Saloon, home of the world's longest bar.

Leaving for Vermilion after breakfast tomorrow

I'm pretty silent on the blog as this is definitely Joe's thing. He loves to take pictures and write something every day. If it was up to me you would probably hear every 2 weeks.
Last evening as were were taking the water taxi to shore, we met Dan and Sue, who left Lake Superior a few weeks ago, plan to go up the St Lawrence Seaway and end up in the Caribbean this winter. Shared stories and contact information over lobster bisque. Perhaps our paths will cross again. We will follow them on their blog to keep in touch.
Being on a mooring (or anchor) is so much nicer than a marina. The boat always faces into the breeze, so it is cooler, and with 90 degree days, a little breeze helps. Last night we put up our "wind chute", which looks like a kite, fills with air, and chutes it down the hatch over our heads while sleeping. We also can use our grill on a mooring, but not in a marina, because of the propane. This evening we enjoyed pork tenderloin, baked beans, applesauce, and cantaloupe. Thanks to Jennifer who was on the phone when I was looking for a good rub for the meat- mustard, rosemary, garlic, and olive oil worked well!
Look for my blog additions occassionally. Joy

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