Sunday, July 25, 2010



More about the title later. Joy took this picture of me cleaning out the front head.
We do have one problem with it, the shower does not drain out, either a clogged line or bad pump. This is a project that we saved for the Canal along with fixed the port chain plates which hold the port stays in place. We did the starboard side while the boat was in the yard.

Well after a nice night at the Erie Yacht Club the weather turned back to sailing weather and we left for Dunkirk. Good thing we waited as Saturday afternoon Dunkirk got hit by a major storm, with 3 tornadoes sighted. We would have been finishing our sail just in the midst of this major storm.

So we left today and suffered a Jib Jam on the roller furler, the front sail. The reefing line got wrapped up around itself in the roller furler. SO we sailed with
half a jib sail. Joy did a great job of fixing it once we got to Dunkirk harbor and was in calm waters. She had to unbolt the furler fastener, pry the furler apart, straighten out the reefing line, and put it all back together. It was have been a difficult job earlier in the day as we were in 4 foot waves and the front of the
boat was moving up and down as we plowed through the 4 footers.

Tomorrow it is on to Buffalo, get the mast down on Tuesday, see the Frankos on Wednesday, and start moving easterly down the Erie Canal, no 4 footers on the Canal!


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