Friday, July 9, 2010

Kelleys Island

Arrived at Kelleys Island yesterday in the late afternoon. Today was a job day, that means not a vacation day but a day to do some chores. The biggest chore was walking down to the other marina in town and doing laundry. Seems that the place we stay at, Portside, does not have
laundry facilities. Went to Seaway Marina and had lunch while the clothes dried.

Joy has been tracking down the leaks in her dinghy. After calling the dealer, we were told to tighten the air valves. Of course, we could have read this if we had read the manual. Guess it
pays to read what they give you with the product when you buy it. However, we have to
pull the dinghy up on the dock, loosen one valve and tighten a nut behind it. That sounds like a good job for tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the place we are staying at along with a picture of our boat.

We are off to Put n Bay Sunday morning.


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  1. Nice making it away from Cleveland!! It must feel great to be on your way :-) Keep up the posts - it's fun to see where you are!