Thursday, July 8, 2010


We have finally left Cleveland on this adventurous part of our life. Joy reminded me that we are not on a 2 year vacation, we have to watch how we spend our funds, and can not go out to eat 3 times a day. Although Kellys Island had some interesting items on the menus of the restaurants we looked into tonight.

We arrived at Kellys after a 8.5 hour motor sail travelling about 6 knots per hour at 2100 rpm with both sails helping a little. The lake was extremely flat, hot and humid. Front went through about 8 pm and now it is raining.

Here for a couple of days. Joy needs to find a place to wash her clothes either here or at the next place, Put in Bay.

We will be back in Cleveland for a couple of days next week to get our canvas project completed by Clarence. Clarence has sailed all over North America, got into the canvas business as a way of supporting a boating life. He has been at it for 23 years.


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  1. Hi mom and dad! I am now an official follower of the blog. I can even check on your status from the new iPhone. Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about your adventures as they come. Miss you guys