Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ashtabula Visit with the Rogers


Well we found ourselves in Ashtabula, actually we went there to see our very good friends Jean and Dell Rogers. Our connection is through St. Basil Church in Brecksville where we were in a Small Christian Community group together for a long time, I think 10 years or so. Anyway here is a picture of them. Dell has been retired for several years, Jean still works at the VA in Wade Park four days a week.
They have a great house on a lake at Roaming Shores. We went there in the afternoon to enjoy the lake, good food and a fast boat ride. About 7 times faster than High Spirits can do.

I am finding out how much hard work there is to do on a boat even though I am retired. Here is a picture of my better half cleaning. There is a lot of boat to clean. We will be having company next week so we really have to clean on Monday.

After Ashtabula we motored and sailed up to Presque Island Park in Erie, Pa.
It is our first major stay on the anchor. We are anchored in the State Park Marina along with about 7 other boats who are also too cheap to pay for a dock. I think the plan for tomorrow is to take the dinghy into shore and go on a hike. There is not a lot of activities to do here except swim and hike.

Joy plans on adding some to this post.

Bye for now


Joy's Post: Getting into Ashtabula!

As we motored up the river, looking for our marina, we tried unsuccessfully 3 times to get into a gas dock for 20 foot boats, with wind and current working against us. The gas dock happened to be next to a lift bridge which was down at the time. A little stressful! Joe handled the boat well though. We didn't hit the bridge, and after passing through with the raising on the half hour, there was another gas dock with an easy long pier to ty up to, with our marina for 2 days just ahead!

Help on the High Seas!

As we were motoring along today, we noticed another sailboat going in the same direction. Soon, he slowed down and as we came up behind him, he hailed us and asked us to stay close by as he was having engine trouble. So we had our first encounter of helping a fellow sailor. No tow was necessary, but we slowed down and kept with him until coming into Erie.

Running Aground!

Soon after helping our fellow sailor, coming into our anchorage, we cut a corner too close and.... The depth meter went from 10 feet to three in a matter off seconds and we ran aground. Luckily, we were able to back up quickly, get back in the channel. A quick, scary moment!


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