Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well it is almost 9 pm and I am just starting to write down today's activities.

We are in Medina, NY, pronounced the same way as the one in Ohio . We did 40 miles with two locks today.

Interesting experience in the second lock. First of all we had two passengers, Julie Barker's daughter Susan and grandson, Owen, who met us in Lockport and got to ride the lock drop of 50 feet spread out over the two canals.
The first lock went well. However in the second lock, we got our slide rope caught on the top knot of the canal rope. The locks have vertical ropes that you loop a line around so that your boat does not wander away from the canal wall. Your rope just slides down and it is very easy, although it can be kind of slimy. However if you get your rope gets caught at the top, you can end up with the bow of your boat being pulled out of the water.
Fortunately the canal operator saw our problem, stopped the drop, came over and freed the line before we had to cut it loose with a box cutter. Once it was freed, it was back to normal. We dropped Susan and Owen off at the lock exit and proceeded down the Canal. Owen knew everything about the Lockport Lock as they visited the Lock on Saturday and took a tour.
We continued down the Canal and ended up in Medina. First order of business was to go the Farmers Market before it closed. So we had fresh corn for dinner. Second order of business was to go find a place to wash clothes. We found it just across the street from O'Briens Tavern.

So, beer for Joy, diet pepsi for me, as we sat while our clothes got washed and dried. We have
been told that laundry takes a lot of time in every boater's life. It is true, but beer helps.
Not sure about plans for tomorrow, lots of options. Gayle and Don may be joining us for the day tomorrow or perhaps next week. Buehlers are coming for a couple of days starting on Tuesday.

Offer still stands, if you would like a ride, give us a call.


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